Reports and Work Products

The following reports, presentations, and other work products of the Subcommittee provide useful information for those in the field of highway construction.


  • Primer on Contracting for the 21st Century, 2006 (1.4 Mb, pdf)—The fifth edition of the Primer on Contracting for the 21st Century is an updated version of the Primer on Contracting 2000, which was published in 1997. The fifth edition describes various contracting and contract administration techniques that are currently being used by contracting agencies in their transportation programs and provides contacts within these agencies for use in obtaining additional information. This report was prepared by the Contract Administration Task Force of the AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Construction.

  • Major Types of Transportation Construction Specifications, A Guideline to Understanding Their Evolution and Application, 2003 (1Mb, pdf)—This document has been prepared to assist transportation agency and contractor personnel in understanding different types of specifications that may be used. Over the past few decades, many transportation agencies have moved from "method specifications" to "quality assurance specifications." More recently, national research efforts have focused on the development and implementation of "performance related specifications" and "performance based specifications." This document explains how these different major types of tranportation construction specifications have evolved, as well as how they should be properly developed and applied.

  • Constructability Review Best Practices Guide, 2000—This guide provides information for State DOTs to use in developing a constructability review process that meets their needs. It describes the elements that are part of the successful constructability practices that are currently being employed by DOTs across the country, and provides discussions of various procedures so an agency can decide what is most appropriate for their situation.

  • Internet Bidding for Highway Construction Projects, 2002—This FHWA technical guide provides guidance for using electronic Internet bidding in transportation construction projects, specifically the software/hardware applications based on the technology available; identifies the benefits to State DOTs and bidders (contractors); and addresses implementation issues, the linkage to electronic bid bond, and Internet electronic plan drawings. This technical guide does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation.

Research Reports

  • Best Practices in the Management of Design Errors and Omissions, 2009 (414 kb, pdf)—This NCHRP 20-7 project reviewed current errors and omissions (E&O) practices related to transportation project design, primarily for highways and bridges, and recommends a template for a best-practice E&O process.

  • Use of Warranties in Highway Construction, 2008 (8.8 Mb, pdf)—This report contains a synthesis of State DOT experiences with the use of warranties in highway construction.

  • NCHRP Synthesis Reports—The National Cooperative Highway Research Program's (NCHRP) Synthesis of Highway Practice series provides a compendium of the best knowledge available on measures found to be the most successful in resolving specific problems.

  • Construction Engineering and Management Research Needs, 2002—This brochure, in Adobe Acrobat format, summarizes the results of NCHRP Project 10-58, Construction Engineering and Management Research Program. The full final report is available on the NCHRP web site at, click on "Web Documents," then look for NCHRP Web Document 51: Construction Engineering and Management Research Program. The report documents the research effort and includes a program of research on issues affecting construction engineering and management.

  • Cost/Benefits of Constructibility Reviews, 2002 (2Mb pdf)—This brochure is the result of NCHRP Project 20-7, Task 124. The AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Construction requested this study to develop techniques and procedures to quantify the costs and benefits of constructability reviews, demonstrate the techniques and procedures through case studies, and provide guidance on the application of the concepts of constructability reviews at various levels of expertise, degrees of effort, and points in the project development process.

  • Business Accommodation on Transportation Construction Projects (3.8 Mb, pdf)—This research report from Florida investigated the critical needs and priorities of different types of businesses that may be impacted by Florida DOT construction operations and developed engineering and management strategies to address these business concerns. The solutions include standardized guidelines for incorporating business access in maintenance of traffic designs.

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