Survey Results

The Technical Sections of the Subcommittee on Construction have sponsored various national surveys to summarize contracting agency practices and to share lessons learned regarding construction management. The following survey summaries highlight the areas of interest to the Subcommittee members.








  • Railroad Company Coordination Survey(269 kb)—This survey queried both the State DOTs and several railroads on issues involved with the coordination of highway / railroad grade crossing projects. 
  • No Excuse Incentive Provisions(320 kb) – This survey summarizes the state of practice regarding the use of no excuse incentive clauses and provides sample contract provisions for selected states.


  • Electronic Records (95 kb)—This survey queried states on the status of electronic document management systems for construction records. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see the responses to each question.
  • Pavement and Bridge Smoothness (116 kb)—This document summarizes information related to pavement and bridge smoothness. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see the responses to each question.
  • Materials Testing Practices (60 kb)—This survey summarizes the state of testing practices for various materials. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see the responses to each question.
  • Claim Certification Questionnaire (1.2 MB)—This survey summarizes the State DOTs' use of claims certification statements and provides sample certifications.
  • State Practices Concerning Construction Delays (0.3 MB)—This survey summarizes the State DOTs' practices and policies concerning construction delays resulting from various circumstances and the State DOTs' contract administration policies.
  • Analysis of Cost Trends Associated with Contract Overruns (0.3 MB)—This survey provides information regarding the State DOTs' practices for analyzing cost trends associated with contract overruns and how the states are managing cost implications and providing feedback in the project delivery process.
  • Price/Supply Issues, Alternate Bidding Issues, Practices for Increasing Competition (309k)—This survey was conducted to address some of the recommendations made at the 2007 Highway Construction Cost Workshop.




  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Software: CPM Survey, 2006 (208k, Word)—This survey was developed to identify the Critical Path Method (CPM) software packages being used throughout the various State DOTs, along with the scheduling practices applied by each state.
  • Use of Price Adjustment Clauses: Use of Price Adjustment Clauses, 2006 (77k Excel)—Updated in August 2006 based on an informal survey of State DOTs.


  • Bidders per Project in Western States: Survey of Western States (17K, Excel)—Summary of 2005 survey of western states on bidders per project.
  • Price Adjustment Activities: Price Adjustment Survey (68K, Excel)—Summary of 2005 FHWA survey on price adjustment activities of the State DOTs.
  • CPM Survey: CPM Survey (Excel)—July, 2005.